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Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians must have the skills, knowledge and ability to diagnose, repair, adjust, overhaul, operate and test off-road equipment that are powered by internal combustion engines or electricity. Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians are employed in many sectors such as mining, forestry, construction, marine, and oil and gas. The types of machinery that you may have worked on to gain your Heavy Duty Equipment Technician experience would be graders, loaders, shovels, tractors, trucks, forklifts, wheeled and tracked vehicles of all types in the construction, logging, sawmill, manufacturing and mining industries.

To qualify to challenge the Interprovincial examination for Heavy Duty Equipment Technician the applicant must provide proof of having worked a minimum of 9,000 hours in this trade. The hours of work experience must be performing the tasks listed on the Employer Declaration. The applicants combined work experience must cover at least 70% of the tasks.


Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Challenger quick reference

  1. The applicant must complete their portion of the application and the employer(s) must complete the Employer Declaration(s)
  2. The applicant then submits all parts of the application to ITA
  3. The applicant must receive approval of their application from ITA
  4. The applicant must successfully write the Interprovincial examination

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BC Training Tax Credit

The government enacted legislation to add the Certification Tax Credit to the Training Tax Credits, effective June 3, 2010. If you have successfully challenged program certification, you may be eligible for a Certification Tax Credit of $2,500. For more information click here or contact Service BC.